My Dream App site suffers from heavy traffic

2006-10-23 20:04

My Dream App have really gotten some attention now when the final has started. So bad that the site is over loaded…

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My Dream App voting is started

2006-10-23 18:15

The voting over at My Dream App has now started, and this time it is more exciting than usual…

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Final round in My Dream App

2006-10-22 23:43

The final round of My Dream App is finally here. Six contestants will be three. Who will win? They all deserve to get their ideas produced…

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My Dream App is getting closer final round

2006-10-14 10:01

My Dream App is getting closer to the final round. This is my short thoughts regarding the remainin entrys.

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Ballisticpixels updated

2006-10-09 18:19

Finally I have updated my old portfolio. This time I will fill it up with the projects I’m currently working on.Feel free to have a look.100% valid strict XHTML and some eye candy javascript. Of course it will degrade in a good way to =)

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Five years since 9/11

2006-09-11 11:32

Five years has gone since the event that has been named “9/11”. Thousands of people died that day, and even more got affected in some way. Almost anyone can tell exactly where they was when they heard of it, or where they was when they saw the images of the inferno. It was a tragedy […]

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To my international visitors

2006-06-30 19:27

This time there is a little bit reading for all of you guys that doesn’t understand Swedish. A small (really small acually) presentation of myself and a little (no, almost tiny) text about where I live and what I do.

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