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Flickr LogoWe all love Flickr! Well, maybe not all of us, but at least a whole bunch. It sure is nice to be able to share pictures and photos both quickly and easily. It is possible to upload via Flickrs web page, the iPhoto plugin or via some of all the apps made for just that.

But if you wish to upload a screenshot to Flickr? Shift + Cmd + 3 and then open that image in the uploader, tag it and hit ”upload”. Wouldn’t it be easier if it all was made in one action, using any keyboard shortcut or method you want? Without any silly extra application. That is why i Wrote Flickr screenshot emailr. Well actually it was to learn Applescript aswell. It is my first piece of Applescript code =)

However, this script really makes it easy to upload a screenshot to Flickr!

All that is needed is: and a configured mail account. Oh, and my script also.

There is just a tiny bit of configuration needed, that is done via the Script Editor. You have to enable email uploading on your Flickr account and add that adress into the email_to variable, then enter your email address into email_from aswell. Save, and you are ready to go.

I prefer to start this script via a Quicksilver trigger, but it can be done in several ways. Which do you prefer?

Any questions? Add them in the comments or contact me!


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Make the necessary settings (read the readme file)
  3. Move it to a place where Quicksilver can find it (I have it in ~/applescript)
  4. Go to Quicksilvers settings
  5. Open up the Triggers pane
  6. Click the plus sign, choose HotKey
  7. Type in ”Flickr screenshot emailr”, the action box should contain ”run”. Hit enter
  8. Select the item labeled ”Flickr screenshot emailr (Run)”, click the ”i” (bottom right)
  9. Click the ”Hot key” box, press the keys you wish to use
  10. Close Quicksilvers preference window and it should be ready for action =)

Donations is always appreciated, I’m a poor student. Do you like the script? Any amount of beer money would be nice. Another way of saying”thanks” is to visit one of the pages in the ad below =)

You can find more posts in English here.

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