iCal and Google calendar in sweet harmony

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Spanning Sync

I do like iCal in OS X. And I really like Google Calendar as well. But it seems a little bit weird to have more than one calendar, it just isn’t very handy is it? It sure is nice to have things synchronized.

Apples .Mac service sucks. Big time. So don’t even think about that. =) Apple, please make .Mac worth the price?

Back on topic. iCal and Google calendar can now live in sweet harmony. Spanning Sync is soon to be released as a beta. You can check out their video demonstration. I need this. I want this. I must have this.

This is why I love the Mac platform. All those little apps that make your day a whole lot easier, all those apps that just works.

It isn’t often I feel this urge for an app, I can’t wait until the beta goes live!

Soon I can be in school and enter some appointments in Google calendar, when I come home it is already synced with my Powerbook and from that i get it to my phone as well. All without any extra work. Wherever I enter the data it shows up in all the other places automatically.

This is just fantastic! =)

Paven — 2007-09-28 08:07

check out plaxo

Kristoffer — 2007-09-28 12:19

Paven: Plaxo is a very nice service, obviously they have updated it since I last checked it out.
I’ll have a look at it soon, maybe it’s time for a post regarding Plaxo… 🙂

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