My thoughts on the My Dream App winners

2006-10-31 18:18 | Categories » Apple, English,

My Dream AppSo, the competition is over. The winners are announced and are soon to be produced. Atmosphere, Portal and Cookbook won, what do I think about this? And what are my opinion about the apps that didn’t make it?

I still think that this program can be really sweat. As long as the themes will be easy to make and distribute.

I have been thinking about this app for a little while now, and I think that the possibilitys might be a little bit wider than you think. This really can be nice for that little work group that need to have their files synced. I will have a look at Portal the day it is released.

This is a tasty app. I cant wait to get hold of it. For every recipe the program will get more powerful and make more sense.

Now onto the apps that didn’t make it:

This was going to be a program that allowed the user to read and post in different forums. The idea was that it would be able to read all forums with a built in parser that was possible to learn new forum layouts. I really think that it is a shame that this won’t be produced by the My Dream App team and I really hope that someone will develop it. I’ll buy it for sure.

No offense, but I never liked this idea. The users that have no musical skills would probably play with it for a little while, the users that have musical skills would probably never touch it.

This could have become a fun little app. It probably would have been a ”geek toy”, but still… There is a little geek in all of us, right? =)

It has been a fun journey, and I really look forward to the My Dream App v2. But I still think that someone should produce Hijack! =)

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