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My Dream AppSo, the final round in My Dream App is finally here. Six ideas will fight for the three available slots.

The bad thing is that every application idea that still is remaing deserves to be produced. The good thing is that no matter which three applications who will win, it will be three great applications! =)

My top three is:

This application catched my attention from day one. I can’t wait to get hold of it. Cookbook will be more powerful for every recipe you add. I will pre-order Cookbook the minute it is possible.

The usage of Internet forums are quite common these days. Many of us are members on more than one. Hijack will collect all these under the same roof. You know the ring from ”Fellowship of the Ring”? This application is kind of The Ring. One app to rule them all (the forums that is). =P

Okay, this is mostly eye candy. But it is very tasty eye candy. =)
Imagine to have your desktop background match the weather outside, or to work as a hint of what will come? I know one thing: I’d buy it =)

The three remaining applications, Whistler, Blossom and Portal is really nice apps too, and I really hope that they get produced anyway. Today I am not sure how often I’d use them.

So, go to My Dream App and read more about the six remaining contestants. Just don’t forget to register and vote as well… =)

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