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My Dream AppSo, almost a year has gone by since the My Dream App contest finished. The three apps that won the voting was Atmosphere, Portal and Cookbook. What where those applications meant to do? And what has happened?


Atmosphere was meant to be an application that genereates a desktop background dynamically. The scenery would be a composition of everything from type of landscape to weather and time for the location you have entered into the applications preferences. According to me a really neat idea and it really is possible that I’d pay for an application like that.


Portal is a little bit more difficult to describe, I guess that you can simplify it to some kind of synchronizing application. In my eyes it’s a combination of Dragster and Picnic. Not sure if I would use it since there are a few solutions that I already use,  but sure, if it is nice enough I might give it a spin.


Cookbook is an application meant for managing and sharing recipes. Kind of a neat idea and probably an app I might buy. I’m not sure about the UI though. You can look at some screenshots of Cookbook on Flickr.

What is the status of the My Dream App winners?

Well, the only thing that I’ve seen is one small ”debug app” that could be some kind of really, really early development stage of Atmosphere. It is also possible to look at the development of the UI for Cookbook.

Not very much in my eyes.

One year and not a single app has been released. Sure, I know that development can take time. But I really think that it has taken a little bit too much time for these applications. The thing that annoys me the most is probably the lack of information. Since My Dream App was a project with quite a lot of user interaction and in the beginning it is a little bit sad that it didn’t continue on that path.

I really, really hope that something is going to happen soon!

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