Five years since 9/11

2006-09-11 11:32 | Categories » English, Nyheter,

WTCFive years has gone since the event that has been named “9/11”. Thousands of people died that day, and even more got affected in some way. Almost anyone can tell exactly where they was when they heard of it, or where they was when they saw the images of the inferno.

It was a tragedy that is for sure. Since then it has been other tragedies as well, the tsunami in Asia for an example. But that didn’t affect the world in the same way.

Since 9/11 many things have happened in the world, not much for the better if you ask me. The people in Afghanistan have suffered. The people in Iraq have a situation that in some ways are much worse now than when Saddam was running the country. That doesn’t mean that I think he was a good leader. But now there are internal battles. Many militant groups are fighting for the power.

Let this day be a day in peace, a day that fully respect the people that was affected five years ago. Don’t soil the memories of the almost 3000 that died that day.

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