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I have noticed how my site now gets visitors from the whole world. I must say that I really find that flattering! =)

I know that you probably have some difficulties understanding what my posts are about and what I have written about myself, so I thought that a small presentation could be in place.

I am a swedish guy who is currently 23 years old and living in the south part of Sweden, mainly because of my studies. There was only one place in Sweden that had a university course that was so focused on IT-security, so I really didn’t had that much of an choice. The place is Blekinge Institute of Technology and I live in a small city called Ronneby, which really is one of the most beatiful cities I have ever been in.

My choice of education doesn’t make me to a total nerd, I just happen to be interested in IT-security and primally privacy questions. =)

I have other interest also of course. One of them is creating web pages and user interfaces for them, another is that I am from time to time almost obsessed with creating and manipulating different type of images, sometimes they gets uploaded on my deviantART page. If you are lazy you can go straight to my deviantART gallery. On top of this I really like to dive (snorkeling) and I also like to practise close-up and street magic, so beware… =)

What would you like to read about, what topics would my American visitors want to read? You guys from Germany and India? Don’t hesitate to tell me! If there is any interest of it I might switch to English here on my blog, at least for some posts =)

So, comment on this post, tell me where you are from (if you want to) and what you would like to know more about. Or just say ”Hi!”… =)

One more thing, please excuse any mistakes regarding grammar, English isn’t my native language you know… But, don’t hesitate to correct me, in that way I might actually learn something as well 😉

This post is written on my Powerbook, sitting in a chair on a Swedish beach, therefore it is a little bit short.

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