Flickr screenshot emailr released!

2007-04-10 10:29

We all love Flickr! Well, maybe not all of us, but at least a whole bunch. It sure is nice to be able to share pictures and photos both quickly and easily. It is possible to upload via Flickrs web page, the iPhoto plugin or via some of all the apps made for just that. […]

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I will miss your reports, Ed Bradley

2006-12-06 14:42

A couple of days ago i heard that Ed Bradley had died in CBS 60 minutes. Ed really was one of my favorite journalists. He never folded one inch and always…

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iCal and Google calendar in sweet harmony

2006-11-01 02:54

iCal is nice, but you don’t have your Mac with you always. Google Calendar is nice, but you don’t have a internet connection all the time. Soon you can enter your data wherever you want and get it synced on both places…

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DeviantMessage, a nice extension for all Deviants

2006-10-31 21:16

DeviantMessage is a nice little extension for Firefox that keeps an eye for any private messages, new comments and so on. The current version doesn’t support Firefox 2, but here you can find a updated version.

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My thoughts on the My Dream App winners

2006-10-31 18:18

The winners has been announced, here is my thought of them.

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MacHeist, an upcoming success?

2006-10-31 18:07

Yet another project from the guys that started My Dream App. What do I think about this?

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Tiny update

2006-10-30 20:16

So, yet another CSS gallery have my site in their collection now. This time the site was completely unknown for me…

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Hijack needs your vote!

2006-10-25 17:59

The incredibly sweet forum reader Hijack really needs your support in the My Dream App competition!

Imagine to have all you forums collected in one sweet-looking app, wouldn’t that be nice?

So, go ahead. Cast you vote to Hijack over at the My Dream App site.

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My Dream App bars disclosed

2006-10-24 16:39

There are many people who has tried to figure out which bar that belong to which contestant in the My Dream App competition. Here is the answer…

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Steve Wozniaks post over at MDA

2006-10-23 20:21

Steve Wozniak made a post over at the MDA site that for sure made me react. I really wonder if it was a bad joke or if the guy is serious…

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